iMagic Kennel Reservation

About iMagic Software

We didn't start out at iMagic to make tons of money, while we're a business our goal has always been to help out as many people as we could by doing the things we love - making software. We make software as simple to use as possible, but no simpler.

iMagic Kennel is about you and your kennel. We can't ever confess to being an expert at your kennel, it's not possible so we listen to people just like you. Then we sit down and do our bit, the techie part to find ways to make your job easier.

In essence we're a feedback company, keeping up to date in technology and understanding what customers are telling us. Then we merge the information together into a giant blob and work hard on it until we find something that, hopefully, you'll find useful. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to help out people, that's what we move towards and we hope you find our approach helpful too.

"I am duly impressed with iMagic customer service, a great service!" - Tiffany M. Feroe - MA, United States

"The happiest girl alive." - Adrienne Burhoe - MA, United States

"Thanks for your help!" - Christine Marcello - CA, United States