iMagic Kennel Reservation

iMagic Kennel Top Features

Customer/Client Management Features

Automatically create a customer database

As you add a reservation you're also automatically creating a customer database, saving you time when they re-book and creating a reference for direct marketing.

Live View of Customer's Pets Bookings

See when pets arrive in real-time and know which kennel they should be in and shouldn't.

Customer Quick Find

Find a previous or current customer, searching on common fields like name and email.

Email Mailing List Wizard

Create a mailing list to direct email.

Customer List

All your past and present customers along with pet details available at a glance.

Customer details in other applications

Export Customers to standard CSV files for MS Access, MS Excel etc.

Reservation Management Features

Quickly Create Reservations

A multitude of options for creating reservations quickly.


No upper limit imposed on the number of kennels.

Avoid double bookings

Automatic availability tracking means you're never double or over booked.

Simple and Advanced Calendar Views

Sometimes you'll want more detail, other times you'll want to quickly see the basics of who's arriving and departing.

Booking Notes

Keep related information together with the booking, it's free-form so you can add what you need at the time.

Online Booking.

Simple no-nonsense, low cost options to take reservations from your website.

Step by Step booking wizard

A simple easy to use system for making bookings that guides you through the process.

Find Reservations

List reservations between a date range, customer or pet name.

Live View of Reservations

See who's who and where they should be.

Link Reservations to other applications

Export Reservations in standard CSV formats, linking into Excel, Word etc..

Kennel Management Features

Book and reserve kennels.

Each reservation is against one or many kennels, which can be shared or not.

Quickly view kennel availability.

No more guess work, know which kennels are available and when.

Browse ahead and view upcoming reservations.

Understand busy or lighter periods by browsing ahead.

Report and Statistics Features

Reservations this month

View reservations counts in different graph formats.

Reservations per month

Get an overview over a longer period in a simple to use graph.

Quick Numbers

See live statistics on capacity, reservations, most reservations, YTD and more.

System Features

Easy to use

Make training staff and learning fast.

Configuration Wizard

Get the basics setup quickly, as it steps you through the most common settings. Each option can be updated with more details later when you have time.

Database backup

In-built backup system or easily setup with Windows Backup or your favorite backup software.

Export data

You can use your data in other applications via standard CSV files.

Compatible with MS Office

Open your database directly in MS Word, for mail-merge etc.

Take web bookings online

An easy, simple, lost cost method of taking reservations from your website.

Software updates

A year of updates are included with your purchase to keep you up to date.

Multi-user options

Allow you to use iMagic Kennel Reservation on several PCs at the same time.