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iMagic Kennel Reservation - Online Manual

Tutorial 2 Taking Reservations

This is the second tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Kennel Reservation. This tutorial steps you through the process of adding a reservation. It is presumed that you have already configured the system, if you haven't you may want to review the first tutorial before continuing.

Adding reservations is quick and easy. To add a reservation:

1. Click the Add Reservation button on the toolbar.

You can now follow the five steps to complete your reservation.

Step 1. Selecting the Reservation Dates

1. Select the customer's Arrival Date.
2. Select the customer's Departure Date.
3. Optionally enter your name in the booked by field. This can be useful if you have many people taking reservations.
4. Click the Next button.

The application will then search and find all of the available kennels that can be reserved.

Step 2. Selecting the kennels for this booking.

1. Select the kennels you would like to reserve for each night by clicking on the available space. You can select as many different kennels as required.
2. Click the Next button.

Step 3. Enter your customer's details

1. Enter the details of your customer. If an entry doesn't apply then leave it blank.
2. Click the Next button.

Step 4. Enter the payment details.

1. Update the Cost per night.
2. Enter any other charges that may apply in the Other Charges.
3. Enter the Amount Payed, if this doesn't apply leave it at 0.
4. Optionally enter the payment details.
5. Click the Next button.

To recalculate the totals click the Update Total Payable button.

Step 5. Confirm the Booking.

1. Confirm that the details are correct. If they are not or need to be changed click the Back button.
2. To print a confirmation click the Print Confirmation button. These details can the be cut and pasted into Word or any other application for printing.
3. To complete and save the reservation click the Confirm button.

To email the customer click the Email link.


You can add any booking notes at any time by entering them into the Booking Notes.

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